Saturday, May 25, 2013

Home and Graduated, ahhhh what now!

So I'm finally home! After a missed flight because the airport changed the time of our flight. It's been a crazy run but this Thursday I walked across the stage and received my diploma! Yay finally. It has really been a happy sad graduation experience! I loved Bible College and I'm honestly not quite ready to leave! But Hey God knows what He has for me next! Here are some of my grad pictures!
I am also happy because many of my good friends graduated with me as well and CJ! lol I met him fist semester and he is like my brother! I also was able to see Hayley and Tori! I had tons of my best friends there that totally stood by me and have been a total blessing to me!

 photo 8058cc9c-1354-4ffe-bb6d-1c2785de5997_zps4f1c4ecf.jpg

These are my amazing friends! I love them all so much. I have been so blessed to see them all grow in the Lord and am also extremely blessed to have had them all in my life.

 photo 689f04b7-a4bc-4a97-aebc-8d0b544dfc0b_zps54c13040.jpg
Of course my amazing family came and they all really have encouraged me to pursue the Lord without them I would not be where I am without them! Thank you all! 
 photo b711575e-d95d-4775-b6a9-dbb2d6667813_zps9fb66c65.jpg

 photo 63580db0-6e84-4887-be3f-bcc8b0ad6e0a_zpsf414773d.jpg
Above is CJ and my sissy Jenny! They are amazing! Haha siblings all the way! And Hayley! You all know her! She is amazing and I just want everyone to know! God has really blessed me with her! I love her tons! Such a great friend!


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