Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days

It's been raining like crazy here in New Zealand! In Cali we get some rain but nothing like this rain.  It rains all the time! And they say its a dry season!!!!  With lots of rain comes time to read, drink lots of coffee, and play lots of games.  The end of our semester is coming up and I'll be graduating (yay), that's a scary thought! I love all the people here and I am really sad to be leaving.  Although I know that God has plans for me when I get home! So with needless to say I have enjoyed the rain lately because it gives us all lots of time to hang.
 photo b8c2d07b-a281-4253-83e8-b4635b4a318c_zpseff7ba97.jpg

Classic, reading and coffee! (Victorious Christian Living! By Allen Redpath)

 photo 81076b67-123c-479e-976e-51dcfb7ad959_zps4c942295.jpg
         Of course game spoons never gets old! (Lets just say we are a little bit too competitive!!)

Game night photo IMG_1302_zpse528b283.jpg


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