Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It Never Hurts to Pretend to Be Five!

 photo 4c788e9a-a381-4e38-9100-8bb85a666c28_zps213bec14.jpg
Yes I'm going to write about Hayley, Heidi, and I jumping on our school's trampolines! I haven't jumped on a trampoline since I was seven! So needless to say this is quite an exciting outing!!! As you can tell Hayley used to be in dance so she can do some crazy things on the trampoline! Jumping on the trampoline was really fun and reminded me that sometimes I need to just let go of every care and worry and just embrace having fun! Not going to lie, I felt like I was five again!
 photo IMG_1805_zpsb9a134f5.jpg
Pretending to be five again!!! Oh Yes! There can never be enough laughs!


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