Monday, May 13, 2013

Missing New Zealand

You know your missing New Zealand when you start to want to cry over leaving when you see the sun set! I have had an absolutely wonderful time here! I want to show you some of my favorite pictures that  I took during my time here! And don't worry I'll explain them!
 photo d647ff8a-6ba5-4e89-8cdc-b7a91ebed37e_zpsade4602c.jpg
Yes guys a double rainbow.  Believe it or not theses aren't rare here! But beautiful still! New Zealand reminds me of what the end of a rainbow would look be like! Super green and beautiful!

 photo c0fd810d-c615-42ac-a7e6-bbf76e3377f9_zps06d181f6.jpg
Reading under a tree! A nice typical Sunday afternoon! Photo props to Hayley!

 photo a7fd9b4c-3bf5-4695-8d73-5e43cbdb0f80_zpsb795a271.jpg
The Mount! This is the beautiful beach that I had a chance to spend every Sunday at! Lets just say it never gets old!
 photo 9349d6fc-2d67-458b-844d-60d902f4e213_zps2eafbd1a.jpg
So these are just some of the amazing pictures that I have! I hope they have blessed you! I have officially graduated! Ahhh scary! But at the end of this week I'll be back in Cali! I know I'm going to miss it. I suggest that if anyone wants to come visit New Zealand they defiantly should!! I specifically came to New Zealand to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. Being here I have been blessed to learn how faithful my God is and how much He loves me.  New Zealand provided the perfect place for me to sit still and wait on God! I'm now of course, excited to go home! Although I figure I will have to stop saying "sweet as." Hahaha yes I know that this sounds like a bad word but here in NZ everyone says it to emphasize a point. It is defiantly not a bad word here but it will defiantly be taken that way back in Cali! Lol I guess I'll just have to let you guys know how it goes!


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