Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home, work, and fun?

Its been a while since I wrote last but I'm back! I think I can get about one or two posts up a week! Not too bad although I wish I had time for every other day!
While I've been home again I have started to work for my church! It's been quite fun! I work in the bookstore and the coffee shop! Yay coffee!!! I've also been hiking and hanging out with my family! Pilates starts next week and I have also been working on cutting sugar from my diet! (YES, REALLY HARD!!) I have been trying to take more pictures so I can work on my photography! Haha although I have realized that I'm not good at all! So here are some of my pictures!

 photo a4b4b1d7-0b0f-4750-9bbf-4a00560a7235_zpsaf294bfb.jpg  photo 34747a2f-4bcb-4689-bb80-0256db4f1f96_zpscd46ec85.jpg

I got to see my horses! They are super cute and I missed them so much when I was gone! 

 photo 7237bb4a-3ba5-4ee4-bc8b-7a723b383f1e_zps08c49a56.jpg  photo 8740134e-ebbe-49f4-bc9b-07b5fefac2da_zpsddde004e.jpg

I know this is all totality random stuff about my life but I hope it blessed you guys!

One thing that I have learned being home is that we need to seek the Lord with all our hearts! Look up Jeremiah 29:11-13 its pretty amazing!


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