Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Am......

     I am faithful.  There are many people in this world and each person has something that they claim to believe in.  Just because they claim to believe in a faith does not make them faithful.  I know that I am faithful.  I believe in the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.  The thing that makes my faithfulness different then the average faith, is that my faith is based upon a true and intimate relationship with God.  Having a relationship rather then a religion, has given me the opportunity to personally know my Lord and Savior, therefore my faith is not just traditions and laws.  Rather it is intimate and real.  I have a God who is actively working in me, changing me to be more like Him and continually proving Himself to me.  I realize that as a person I must be reassured of who I trust and of who I put my faith in.  Faithfulness to me isn’t just having a faith, so that I can tell people what my view of life is.  When I tell people I am faithful, I literally mean I am defined by my personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ.
     My faith in God, has brought me to a realization that I am not perfect.  I struggle with the concept of not being perfect, everything in me wants to be perfect so that I don’t have to look  down on myself,  judge myself, or fall into the category of  imperfect.  But I ultimately know that I am not perfect.  I am a sinner and I cannot be perfect enough to achieve salvation or heaven by  myself.  Overcoming the fact that I am not perfect has been a great challenge because it means admitting to myself that I need help.  God provides that help and all I have to do is grasp that free gift of salvation.  God has graciously give me this opportunity.  Faith is believing in something that is not seen and is the realization of things hoped for.  Hope literally means knowing what’s going to happen and placing all your trust into that coming hope. I am only defined as faithful because of the grace of God and the gift He has given to me through salvation.
     I am faithful, but my faithfulness is not defined by traditions.  My faithfulness is defined by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who enables me to live out my faithfulness everyday.  In God’s mercy and love He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within those who truly believe in Him.  My faithfulness is directly derived from God, who has blessed me with faith.  I cannot achieve faith by myself.  It’s impossible, for I am too basic and simple to have this kind of strong faith in my life, if I didn’t have the true living God, indwelling in my heart.  
    Faithfulness is a blessing, I am convinced of my faith in God.  A few of the reasons that I am convinced that my God is the God of the universe who came down and died for me so that I might have a restored relationship with Him, are that He actively speaks to me, He gave me His Word (the Bible), and that God proves Himself through answered prayer and prophecy.  My faith is established when I spend time with the Lord and He speaks to me the things I need to do or truths from His Word.  Many times I think that God is silent but, but rather that I’m the one that’s not silent.  When I don’t hear from God is when I am too busy to want to hear Him.  When I take the time to listen and seek the Lord, He speaks!  When God speaks to me it is very precious and it strengthen my faith in Him and instills a greater love for Him in my heart.
    Without God my heart has a hole in it.  People say there heart has a hole in it quite often and I know that that hole in their heart just needs to be filled by God.  God made me in His image which I find profound.  He made us to be able to love and to ultimately be His bride.  Every time I realize this I am awe struck!  How could such an glorious God chose to love me so much!  I was made for God’s pleasure (Psalm 147:11, Psalm 149:4) and this I cannot comprehend.  I am not even worthy or close to being worthy of this blessing.  It makes me so joyful that I have been blessed with His favor that I just want to glorify the God who lovingly made me.
    I adore my God, I love who He is.  He is a God who is personal, that speaks, and that cares.  I am faithful, but I am still a sinner and fool.  Without God I am nothing, but another lost person with no meaning in life or purpose, because of the mercy of God I have faith.  Faith in the one true God is not disappointing to me, it is rather exhilarating and consuming.  When I take the time to sit before the Lord and have Him speak to me I learn directly from Him and His Word.  Scripture speaks of the greatness, compassion, and of how wonderful the God I put my faith in is.  Through the Scriptures, I came to a true understanding of my relationship with God (my faith).  I know that God wants to spend time with me and when I do spend time with Him I become aware of the fact that God has good plans for me.  God loves me so much, that I cannot comprehend it.  This is the reason why I am a faithful, the God of the universe sent His Son to die for me, before I loved Him or even desired to have a relationship with Him and once I understood this, there in no way that I could not love a God so loving, merciful, and compassionate to me.  Once I understood this, the Lord instilled faithfulness into my heart and that is why I am a faithful person.  God is my victory, He defeated death and sin for me.  Faithfulness defines me because it declares God’s love and victory in my life.  He is near to me and I know this because of His promises that I will never be left alone or abandoned.  Honestly, if I decided to abandon my faithfulness I would have nothing to hope in or have a purpose for my life.  Faith gives my life purpose and that purpose is to serve my God where ever I am and to share the amazing grace, love, and victory that I have found in Him.  
     Finally the only thing left to say is that I am faithful by the grace and mercy of my Savior Jesus Christ and that in Him I have found meaning and purpose for my life and He defines everything about me.

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Hebrews 11:1, 6
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him


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